Self-Reported Conflicts of Interest, Gift Reporting & NRT Related Party Vendor Request Forms

Employees are to use this page only to report potential conflicts involving themselves and the company or for the giving or receiving of gifts and for NRT employees to request approval for a Related Party Vendor. If you wish to report a suspected violation of the Code of Ethics, you can do so by going to The Code of Ethics Line online @ and clicking on the "File a Report" or call 1-866-495-CODE (2633).

Items marked with a red diamond are required fields.

Disclosure Type

Select the type of disclosure you wish to complete.
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If you think you may have an actual or potential Conflict of Interest, or that others could perceive an activity or relationship you are engaged in may be a conflict of interest, you must disclose this information.
Employees are to use this form to report the giving or receiving of gifts as required by Realogy's Gift Policy.
NRT Employees Only
Please use this form to report or request approval for payment to a vendor with whom you have a direct relationship.

Follow-up on Previously Completed Disclosure

To follow up on previously submitted disclosures, enter the report key and password you were provided and click on "Login". You can upload documents, respond to follow-up questions, or provide additional information.
Report Key


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